I arrived at By the Way gallery unaware I had reached my destination: five large windows plastered with A4 text pages. Aarg!, I thought, another show where I have to do all the work. And on top of that outside, in typical Bergen weather. Following closer inspection, I found I was observing the first issue of Fanzine 1B, a collaboration between Konstakuten and Bergens Museum for Samtidskunst.

In the five large windows of By the Way hang 50 pages of black and white text pages in English, and a few images. In addition to the display is a notice on how to order a copy, bmfs@muslim.com .. The website is still under construction. I obtained a copy by contacting Matias Faldbakken on his cell phone.

The display in itself was uninteresting, and I had to do some detective work to figure out what I was looking at. My previous experience with fanzines has been a glimpse into the visions and mentality of people who are scarce in the main stream media flow, an intimate encounter with a stranger or a blast of anti commercial campaigns. Fanzine 1B is heavy, in both content and weight. The fanzine seems to lack a common thread linking the articles, although the purpose is to create a forum for the ideas and discussions which have been in circulation at Bergens Museum for Samtidskunst in recent years. My favourite article is by Stephen Duncombe titled "DIY NIKE STYLE," and gives a brief history of fanzine culture and exploitation. I recommend downloading a copy to read it.

In the middle of an interesting article on fanzine history, I was approached by a young man who asked what I was reading and wondered if I had some spare change. Instead of giving him 5kr. and a summary of the 11 articles, I directed him towards a notice in the bottom corner of the window...how to order a copy of Fanzine 1B.

Matthias Faldbakken og Gardar Eide Einarsson: Fanzine 1 B
Fanzine 1 B. Matthias Faldbakken og Gardar Eide Einarsson

BarokkMinimalist takker galleriet for deres velvillige tillatelse til gjengi bildet.

By the Ways hjemmesider: www.galleriBTW.no

Copies of the fanzine can be ordered at: bmfs@muslim.com


Copyright Elisa Linda Socolnikov Saether (tekst), BarokkMinimalist / Hand to Mouth Publishing 2002
Årg. 1, nr 6 (februar. 2002)



By the Way, Bergen, 10. januar - 10. februar 2002

by Elisa Linda Socolnikov Saether